07 July 2006

Yo Ho Ho Me Mateys!

I got 'em!!! Tickets to see "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" tonight with friends!! soooo excited! I mean...Johnny Depp, need I say more? (Swash, swash, buckle, buckle...Arrrrrrgh!)
And as if that weren't enough high seas adventures, the Bristol Renaissance Faire opens tomorrow...this year's theme...Pirates! They have built an awesome new ship and pirates will be landing on the shores of Bristol for some crazy fun! (I hope that anyone who gets a chance to come out this year will. ) Ok, i'm off to work for a day of Pirating adventures!


kassi said...

Captain Jack Sparrow is the best.

Missi said...

oh, I am so jealous! Johnny Depp is hotter than hot!

Susan said...

I can't wait to hear about the movie. I want to go see it too...I'm just waiting until next week or so when the crowds settle down.