14 July 2006

Vacation Time!

Tomorrow morning hubby & I leave on our first "official" summer vacation! I'm sooo excited, I can't contain myself! I know most people wouldn't be as giddy as I am, but you have to understand that for the past 14 years I have spent every weekend of every summer wearing 30-50lbs of fabric dressed in Elizabethan garb, performing a one to three renaissance faires. Don't get me wrong, I love doing it, but it means that in all those years I have never taken a summer vacation anywhere. This summer I get to take two! So yeah, I'm excited!

Hubby & I are heading to the western part of Wisconsin to explore the greater Mississippi river region of Prairie du Chien (meadow of dog??), canoeing, sightseeing underground caves, historical buildings, and watching the War of 1812 reenactment. (Yeah, we can't entirely separate from that whole costumes event summer.) Then we'll be heading down to Galena, IL which is a beautiful historical town where we'll stay at one of our favourite B&Bs.

Have a great weekend yourself!


Susan said...

How exciting!! Have a GREAT time!!

Christine said...

Have a Fantastic Time! Enjoy yourselves!Have a blast!