27 July 2006

My Selfish 13

13 Thing I Really Want Right Now
1. To go swimming (anywhere, a lake, a pool, a pond… to mysteriously appear in my backyard)
2. A chocolate malt…with extra malt powder
3. To go on a family vacation without having to worry about expenses
4. To have our house painting finished already
5. To have the cash to go buy all the baby things I want…right now!
6. To know the baby is healthy, and if it’s a he or a she
7. Reprise from the heat & humidity
8. New clothes…I’m hating everything I own
9. To have the energy to do something creative (i.e. paint, write, etc.)
10. A giant sundae with lots of hot chocolate & cherries (hold the whipped cream, thanks!)
11. A gardener to add more flowers to my yard.
12. To have someone go buy lots of summer veggies for me, and then make dinner.
13. Sleep.


Mommy the Maid said...

I used to work at GUnther Toodys (a 50's style diner) and we had the BEST malts. I am so craving one now!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Keep reading :D

Socks, Abby and Blackie said...

I am not sure how selfish that is, but your list is good. It would be nice to have to worry about "stuff" a little less

My list is up

Susan said...

It's hard when you're pregnant and you want things to happen when you want them to happen!!! Hang in there.

My TT is up here.


Great 13 lists. Makes me want it too.
My T13 is up too. Go have a peek and make sure you bring on with you your festive mood.

angela said...

When I see your site or that you have been to mine, it makes me smile...I hope you are enjoying your pregnancy. Being pregnant in the summer, tough...ugh.

I love malty malts, too...

Did I tell you that another girl from our church (who is my age-40) just got pregnant for the first time? They have been trying for 20 years.

So fun to know that these babies are coming:-).

You'll feel more like doing something soon...the first few months are....so....tiring....