02 May 2005


This weekend while sitting quietly at church, watching some little kids make their First Communion, I was struck with the realization of just how deeply my faith goes. That I'm no longer a "Closet Catholic". That I'm not nervous to say "I go to church every week", because people might criticize me. That I have re-found a relationship with God. That I believe in prayer. That I believe in living a decent life. I'm not the type to say "my religion is right and yours is wrong", I just believe faith is faith...in the Higher Power. In treating people with respect. In living that faith. I haven't always been this way...in fact I have done some things I'm not intrinsically proud of. But I'm comfortable with knowing I've tried to right my wrongs....whether always accepted or not. And I've found a comfort in being me. And a part of me is Christian.

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Kassi said...

Christianity is nothing to be ashamed of or hidden! I'm glad that you are making those steps to re establishing your faith, maybe finding a newer and better path that will be stronger.