09 May 2005


Mother's Day, that illusive day of the year in which mother's everywhere are supposed to be honoured, pampered, and generally appreciated, arrived again yesterday. I was treated to breakfast in bed by my adorable daughter who surprised the heck out of me with not only the ability to create such a good meal, but the deliciousness of it. (Chocolate pancakes, with a side of bacon, tea and milk!) I was amazed that this, my little girl, really isn't a little girl anymore. She is capable of cooking an original meal, serving it up, and cleaning up the mess to boot. When did this happen??

The afternoon was spent oohing & aahing & discussing the Degas sculpture exhibit at the MAM. It was wonderful, though my favourite part was actually "over-listening" to other people's commentary. (My favourite: "Why would a sculpture of a naked woman washing her armpit be art?") We (Paul, Kaitlyn & I) then wandered aimlessly along the waterfront of Lake Michigan, enjoying the warm sun and cool breezes, watching the sailboats on the lake, and the multitude of beautiful kites overhead. Kaitlyn built me my own castle in the sand (complete with a peasant village nearby) and reminded me that part of her is, yet, still a little girl...and this made me happy in her innocence. Paul & I talked about the realities that are happening in our life, and how I have only known empty promises in the past. And I realized just how deeply he loves me. The reality of your families love is enough to carry you through any day. I didn't get gifts. I wasn't overly pampered. Absolutely no money was spent. But it was a day that I was proud to say I am a mom.

I also had to think of my own mother, who sadly has taken up new residence in a "nursing home facility" down in Florida. Mom isn't well...there are days she can't even feed herself. But dad is having a seriously dangerous surgery soon, and is no longer capable to care for her. Mom refused to leave Florida, dad, the dogs, etc. So this is how things are for now. And it hurts me deeply that I can't be there, that I can't do anything but send my love via cards and the phone lines. Why does life switch from your mother taking care of you to you taking care of your mother. And because they do...because they have...because they love...EVERY mother deserves to be spoiled, pampered, and most importantly, adored.

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Kassi said...

That is very sweet! The day before mother's day, Abi made me breakfast...a 1/2 grapefruit, a cup of orange juice...and a tea cup filled with water because she can't make tea yet. :) Glad your day was a happy one!