12 May 2005


I hate moving. I've had to do it far too many times in the past few years. The boxes, the purging of the items you realize you really don't need. The memories of those things you just can't part with. It's huge. It's stressful. And I hate it. And yet...I'm moving on to something bigger & better than I've possibly ever had. And that's exciting. That's the thrill of it all. Every move is another opportunity to start over. To Change. To Grow. And this move is certainly no exception. I'm going to moving into a house we own. Ours. No more landlords. No more asking for permission. Ours. I home that is our own doing. Our new life together. A more solid life for Kaitlyn. That's exciting. That's the thrill of the unknown. A home where I can entertain our friends. Where new memories will be made. Where I can walk around a safe neighbourhood with Kaitlyn, play games in our backyard, and create the sewing/crafting/dance room I always wanted. A place where I can have guest come and stay. A home where we can truly grown.

That realization give me the motivation to get back to work on the endless boxes that are clogging the living room of the apartment right now. I can face the cardboard jungle once more.

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Kassi said...

Congrats Kimba! Caleb and I are hoping to experience the cardboard jungle some time this year as well...we are praying for it.