20 April 2005


Tomorrow (4/21) is my birthday.
Paul's was yesterday.
Isn't it convenient?
But the reality of birthdays is that we aren't the same person,
we are older, and hopefully, wiser.
We have changed and evolved. We have another year of experience, and knowledge, behind us.
(We have no idea if we have another year ahead of us though. There's the kicker!)
What happens though, when you look back on the year, and see your own changes, but doubt if anyone else does?
That's sort of how I'm feeling right now...doubtful that any of the people I really hope see the changes do. Doubtful they even care to. And though I'd love to shout at them "Hey, look at where I was and who I was, and how much better (I think) I am now! I did it! I'm a good person, a better person!"
But the same person, all at the same time. The same person who loves my friends and family.
I'm kinder than I used to be...that's interesting to realize. I never thought of myself as a "bad" person, but I admit to being bitter. I'm happier too. And, without doubt, wiser.

Happy Birthday to me...I'd share it with you, if I could. I guess I am right now.

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