18 April 2005


I've lost touch with a friend.
I'd like to say I'm entirely to blame, but honestly, it does take two.
From what I've heard her life is good. She has a husband & child I wish I knew better.
She and I had such a past, its now hard to think we may never have a future.
We take friendships for granted sometimes, and its probably one of the most unfortunate aspects of life. We often feel that invincibility of "I'll do it tomorrow", and before we realize it tomorrow has become months...or years...and that connection is lost. Even if we try to reclaim it, that doesn't mean they will respond.

That's where I am right now, sending out messages, hoping for a response. Even it wasn't a positive one, a response would let me know.

I've also learned that sometimes we do things we have no idea we've done. Another friend who has chosen to be a memory blames me for something I'm not even aware of. I've apologized for whatever it may be, but how can we right a wrong we don't know about? It's really a wierd state of mind.

I have learned from these, and so many more experiences, that communication is give & take.
Last night Paul was angry about something, and once we truly communicated, realized it was based entirely upon assumptions, not truths.

The truth is communication.

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