13 December 2011

The Golden Rule

So, in a follow up to my last post, I'm still struggling with my faith, but I have come to a few conclusions about it all.  I DO believe there is a God, that isn't the issue.  However, I do NOT believe in the "it's in God's hands" or "God has a greater plan"  pre-destination sorts of philosophies.  I DO, however, believe that God have us Free Will and expects us to do good with us.  That the whole point of Jesus Christ was to encourage us to not be self-centered and to care about your fellow man, across the board, no matter how "shunned" they are by society.  THIS is the biggest hypocrisy I see in so many people who claim themselves "Christians". Live by "The Golden Rule" to Do Onto Others as You Would Have Done Onto You.  
In trying to find some comfort in faith, we have started going to a Unitarian Universalist church.  I will always consider myself a Catholic, and really love the pomp & circumstance of the Catholic mass, but I like the sense of Community at the UU church.  I just wish I could find a combination of the two.  Until then, I'll continue to focus on figuring it all out this Advent season.

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