20 August 2009

Sweet 16 plans

So I introduced my daughter to the coolness that is Steampunk, and she's hooked.
Now she wants her Sweet 16 party to be a Steampunk theme.

As her birthday falls just before Christmas, and since she's due to be wit her dad for that holiday this year, we have decided the best time for her party is to be New Year's Eve. Cool, eh? Well, we are going to invite our friends too (so those of you who read this, this is your warning...start planning now!)

Yes, it will be a costume party. STEAMPUNK.

What is it? Well, it's this cool sci-fi/literary cross over phenomenon in which fashion is Victorian influenced, but futuristic, in that the world progressed via the steam engine, NOT electronically. Atoms weren't discoverd. Einstein's theory doesn't exist. You're familiar with it already, you just don't realize it. Think "Around the World in 80 Days" or even the movie "Wild Wild West" (Will Smith/Kevin Kline).


Jacqueline said...

Ooo sounds intriguing!

And 16 already??? Omg time goes by so fast...

Kanga said...

I agree ... sounds intriguing! *smile*

Hmmm.... the cake possibilities!!!!