14 August 2009

Is this yet another sign??

I have performed with renaissance faires for 18 years.
I have performed with the Bristol faire, specifically for 11 years.
I was with the Michigan faire for something like 12 years.

I saw Michigan, in my opinion, go into a downward spiral into nothing but fantasy with compete disregard to history. I believe the whole point of an event set in a specific time period is to present history. Entertain AND educate.

Now I'm seeing thing at Bristol that have me concerned of this same fate.

This photo is a friend of mine. She is THRILLED to be playing a role this season as a fairy, and for her I am also thrilled. She is loving it! and she deserves to feel this bliss.

I, however, loathe and detest the idea of fairies at a historical renaissance faire. I am willing to accept them, for the sake of little children, IN the children's area. I will NOT accept the "Barbarian" area that has arrived for people to hit each other with glorified "fun noodles". I will NOT accept the zombies visiting this weekend.
Today I received an email from my "historical guilde" director disregarding the historical facts.
Needless to say, I'm worried these are all signs of Bristol's own downward spiral.

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