13 August 2009

Moving Forward, Letting Go

I've come to the realization recently that certain people just need to be cut from my life.
People whom I've tried to maintain as friends. People who I've attempted to respect.
But I just simply cannot any longer.
These few individuals have proven themselves immature and hateful on several occasions.

There is so much I could say. I choose not to only because it isn't worth it.


Kassi said...

I hate when I have had to make that decision, but sadly, have had to on a few occasions. Sometimes it is the healthiest thing we can do for ourselves. I hope that it gets better, and that you keep in perspective that you are an awesome friend to have - it is their loss.

Kimba said...

Thanks Kassi. I've accept it truly is for the best.

Kimmer said...

I'll never let go, Jack!

Kanga said...