15 October 2008

Weekend for my Girlies

Last weekend was a bit hectic...it was Darcy's Baptism AND Kaitlyn's Homecoming. Fortunately we were able to juggle everything. Kim Weber is now Darcy's Godmother, and Geoff (Paul's brother) is her Godfather...brilliant influences on her future, I think!
Here she is looking cute. (And her mohawk is natural, we don't do anything to make it stand up like that! And I didn't notice before now that she's flipping me off...like I said, Kim & Geoff's influence I'm' sure!)

And big brother, Sebastian, in his cute suit I bought him. (I'm a sucker for boys in short pants, what can I say? It's that English schoolboy thing!)

And big sis, Kaitlyn, looking WAY too grown up & lovely for the Homecoming Dance. Her date (Billy, a senior, no less) gave her the prettiest corsage...and totally her! It had pink roses with mini-carnations dyed black! And instead of the typical piece of elastic most wrist corsages have, it had a cool 4 band black beaded bracelet instead. Yeah, he got big points for that...and for taking her to dinner at Shogun, the Japanese restaurant in town!
And here we are, the whole family. (If only I was as good looking as the rest of my family!)

It was really great to have Kim here! And we did an evening at Great America riding coasters. It was fun...but no Cedar Point!

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Kassi said...

You AND your family are beautiful.