03 October 2008

American Castle Adventure

Tomorrow I'm off to spend the day in the 16th century again.
This weekend is the annual one weekend Renaissance festival at Stronghold, and I'm going to play for the day. I'm excited, especcially since I'll be playing a role I've never played (Catherine Talbot, Countess of Pembroke...silly me, I almost typed "Pemberley"!) I'm going to play her as a spoiled fluffhead...and this makes me very excited! (I usually play the "Thinky girl") AND I've tweeked my gold "Mary" dress so I'm excited to wear a dress I only got to wear for one season years ago (yes, my corset needs to laced EXTRA tight to make it fit, but it does fit). No one on this side of the lake has ever seen this dress, so "yeah me!"

Stronghold is held at this great site that was once the home of some Chicago newspaper guy in the 20s. He had this castle built for his family and its surrounded by miles & miles of woodlands. I guess it's now a Presbyterian conference center the rest of the year.

Downside...I started my period. bliss. And I feel like a cold is just lingering before me. So I loaded up the Alka-seltzer cold this morning, Midol, and I'm going to take 1/2 a day of work today and go home to nap instead. *sigh*

I'll try to post photos when I get back.

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Kassi said...

I would say that starting your period is a bit better than NOT...unless something else is going on!