18 July 2008

My child is a vampire

Seriously. She wakes up at midnight and doesn't fall sleep until sunrise. EVERY night.
Needless to say, I'm a zombie. We're quite the combination.

Just how many days can a person go without sleep? Isn't that some sort of torture in third world countries?

See the photo? That's sleep deprived me. Thank God for Starbucks & the Grande Carmel Macchiato aka Demon Voodoo Coffee.


Kimmer said...


I know how to make those now!!!!

Kassi said...

would it help if I told you that you are a really cute zombie?

Fin said...

I KNEW it, I JUST KNEW you were doing voodoo stuff...
you can't lie to your friends.


i love it when i crack me up.

ok, please, don't bite me. i'm sorry. but I had to. you SET ME UP...