28 June 2005


Ok, so his momentary lapse of all things reasonable has passed. Cold Feet. What a stupid feeling, in my opinion, though I know everyone goes through it. Who hasn't doubted, questioned, or plain out panicked at the prospect of "the one & only...forever and ever...'til death do us part"? But really, isn't it foolish to get so worked up over what ifs and maybes?? The Runaway Bride certainly did. http://abclocal.go.com/wtvg/news/0622_bride.html

And so, after much talk, and reassurance, we're back on track. He got down on one knee and re-proposed (at my insistance). I just couldn't continue unless he did it without doubt. And so he has, and so we proceed for our 12 November wedding date.

That's today's headache...invitations. ICK. I can honestly say that invitations have been the worst part of the wedding planning. I just don't know what I want. And nothing is worth the money they are charging!

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Jackie G. said...

While I am glad you are happy, I am still concerned for you. He better be making it up to you big time. And he better be taking good care of you.