03 December 2002

Today I signed a new client at work. The Majestic. (www.majesticdetroit.com) It's a great place in the cultural district of downtown Detroit. Well, as much of a cultural district as Detroit has. It's a restaurant, the oldest bowling alley, and a concert venue/theatre. It's my favourite place to go after a day at the art museum. (www.dia.org)

I like my job. These days I know not alot of people can say that, but I do. I work with a really cool group of people. (www.pridesource.com) I work for an "alternative" newspaper, though I'm the "alternative" one around here. (being the hetro in the gay world) And they accept me as the different one. I think more people should be the "alternative" one now and again...perhaps it would force them to be more accepting of difference?

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