02 December 2002


Inspired by a roommate of my best friend, I've chosen to record here...for anyone who cares to indulge me...random babble and perhaps an occasional flourish of inspiration. It's pretty hit and miss, and who can really know what will happen. Consider it therapy, and you are the lucky therapist who chooses to help this crazed lady. It could be a good thing.

Me...I suppose that's always the place to start.
At the moment home in Michigan proves to be less than thrilling. Or happy. But it's where I am for now. My sites are set elsewhere...Milwaukee, perhaps? Or Chi-town? London being the ideal. But for now it's Michigan, so hold on, it's a bumpy ride. (The roads in this state are the worst in the nation....just one of the many "worst in the nation" that Michigan holds the record for.)

I'd like to say I'm in some sort of happy, yeah it's the holidays, sort of state, but this year, I'm far from that. Money..the evil scrooge of lifehas put me in a trap of which there is little escape. I hate that I am forced to be sooo greedy right now, but the truth of the matter is, I'd knock down a little old lady if it meant I'd get a few thousand dollars.

I suppose I should state that this greedy isn't motivated by want...but sheer need. I need a place to live, a place for myself and my daughter. That's what the money is all about. That said...I'd love to be able to also go crazy mad buying Christmas gifts for the world. But necessity can't be met.

Now that you know the low...here are the highs.

A really groovy kid. My daughter will be 9 in 19 days. She rocks. Smart, pretty and funny. And these days actually very helpful. As someone who never cared about having kids, I have to say, she's my joy.

Friends. Groovy friends. I have some that are among the best in the world. I say this knowing that's what most people think, but it really is true. There is one in particular whom I'm frustrated to hell with, but I'm certain he'll redeem himself soon. The rest should now they are appreciated. Life is too short and unexpected to not say it.

Family. Anyone who knows me will find this to be a surprise statement, but sometimes you just have to be glad there are those people who you are forced to love but sometimes have to hate.

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