24 April 2013

My Husband is a Time Lord

My family are Doctor Who fans.  Whovians.  For many, many years now.  We didn't jump on the DW band wagon with most of Americans in the past year or two, but 30 or so years ago.  That said, we haven't missed an episode of the "newer" series (which started with the 9th Doctor) and despite many years of fandom, I consider the 10th Doctor (played by David Tennant) MY Doctor.  There are many reasons for this, mostly that he embodies what I feel ALL the other Doctors before him were doing, as well as being brilliantly clever, witty, compassionate and trusting.  And he's the spitting image of my husband.  (Needless to say, I find him amazingly sexy. The Doctor.  And my husband, of course.)  They are both 6'3" skinny men with the exact same build, charming & kind personalities, and wit. The only serious difference?  David Tennant has brown eyes, while my husband has very blue ones.  Oh, and their accents. Well, I'm writing this because many people have doubted me when I say they look alike, so I'm posting this so those people can actually see I'm NOT crazy.
These are pics of my husband.
And these are David Tennant...the 10th Time Lord:

I'm proud to be The Doctor's Companion!


Jean Marie said...

Oh my god... I just found your blog through the bloggess... you're husband is totally a Time Lord. He has his Halloween costume set for all of eternity.

I am a Whovian.. but still a little closeted as I get a lot of crap for liking it (surrounded by non-Whovians). However, as I get older, I care less. I do love the 11th doctor. Funny! Glad to have found your blog :)

Kimba said...

Thanks for stopping by Jean Marie! No Whovian should ever be closeted! Celebrate your awesomeness! And you're always welcome here!

Lene said...

Found your link through Swapbot (comment from a loooong time ago). And this is FIRST thing I'm reading from your blog. You're married to the 10th.. Lucky you!