26 September 2012

"Vacation, all I ever wanted..."

The Go-Go's song "Vacation" has been running through my head all morning as I've been trying to figure out where to getaway.  We can't afford a big family vacation, but we CAN afford a romantic weekend getaway with the help of the airline vouchers I have & need to use. The most ideal time for us to go is in January  due to a variety of factors.  That means we really would prefer to go someplace warm.  But that creates new complications.  (Price, times, etc.)  Right now it seems the toss up is either Colonial Williamsburg or maybe visiting the Biltmore in NC.  Other possibilities could be New Orleans (though we've been there), Phoenix or San Fran.  We could do Cancun, but it's the all-inclusive pricing that is SO much pricier than we really want for a weekend in our current financial situation.
SO...I'm concerned about weather in VA in January, but it could be quite beautiful, too?  
Anyone have any advice?

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