29 December 2009

An Exhausting Year

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas? Our was pleasant, albeit extremely busy. Time spent with family in both WI & MI, good times with friends, and most importantly the kids! Went to a fun Christmas eve mass which was exactly what I needed! How often do you get to genuinely laugh out loud at church at Christmastime? The priest really made a point of delivering a homily about Christ's birth with all the fun & excitement the season holds.

Now it's almost the end of the year. Time to look forward, because the backward hasn't been too great. Sure, there were moments this year, there always are, but the overwhelming feeling I'm left with on 2009 is one of frustration. Lack of employment, tightness of money, a strain on the relationship with my eldest daughter, lots of car troubles, it's a year I'm glad see come to a close. I'm looking forward to 2010 with new hope.

I was reading an article about our President Obama's first year in office. 2009 has taken it's toll on him, as well. The pressures he's faced with an unrealistic public watching his every move have had to be painful. I like that he says that his wife & children have been his refuge & grounding. Mine too.

Here's too a more peaceful, wealthier, and saner 2010, Mr. President! Cheers!


www.nelliebugs.com said...

I agree.. a more peaceful, wealthier, saner 2010 would be the sweetest thing ever!

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