22 December 2009

16 Years

Today is my daughter,Kaitlyn's Sweet 16th birthday!
I can't believe that time has flown by so fast.
We struggle daily with our relationship lately, but I love her dearly.
I only want the best for her.
She gone from this little, adorable baby who did everything early...walking, talking, reading...to a sassy (sometime TOO sassy), funny young lady.
I wish I could just hold her in my arms & keep her away from the fears of the world, but she must fly. And fall. And hopefully gain strength and soar!

Happy Birthday Bunny!
Mama loves you, my 16 year old!


Kanga said...


www.nelliebugs.com said...

She looks grown!!

Happy birthday, Kaitlyn! 16 is a fun age. Enjoy it and don't grow up too fast! Being an adult stinks.

Danielle A. said...

Happy Belated birthday to your daughter! My husband and I run the youth group at our church, so we know how stressful the teen years can be. Hopefully she's enjoying them! :) (Be my Blog Follower swap on Swap-Bot - Danielle - dmathanas)