06 November 2009

Burn the Guy!

Yesterday was Guy Fawkes Day in the UK. A day to remember that a government is supposed to work FOR the people. To me, its about a day of letting go of the past.

A good friend hosted a traditional Guy Fawkes bonfire, complete with effigy!

We all brought our own effigy too...that something we wanted to get rid of in our lives...whether it was money matters, weight issues, relationship problems, health problems, etc.

We followed it up with some traditional Bonfire Punch, Jacket Potatoes, Earl Grey Bread & Butter Pudding, brats, sausages & burgers. Let me say, I never had a more cathartic or fun night burning things!

1 comment:

Kanga said...

Sounds like an interesting evening! Hmmmm...I have some things I really need to let go off....*toddles off to think about this some more*