25 October 2005


Love it. Everything about it. The crispness of the air, the amazingly beauty of the colours, the need to wear sweaters, walking through the woods, the fields, hayrides, Haunted Houses, hot cider and donuts, apple orchards...it's the only thing that takes me away from being a city girl and makes me yearn to be outside, away from the city and into nature.

I love Halloween. It's my favourite day of the year. Costumes and laughter. Since I was 11 I've had a BIG Halloween bash every year. Except last year (because Paul had just moved in and things were crazy), and this year (because of the wedding 2 weeks later). It's killing me to not have my annual Halloween party. I vow that next year things will be back to "normal". I haven't even been able to buy pumpkins yet this year, let alone carve them. House painting is finally almost done (though a new roof is in store for us yet this fall...oh joy) so I put the tombstones out in the front, hung some orange lights inside the front windows (since a house built in 1917 has no outside outlets...go figure), a light up ghost that is older than me and so I love it in the front window, and a disembodied skeletal hand in my front hallway. It's silly and fun.

Paul does not share my love of all things Halloween. It's the oddest thing to me, because it's such a fun time. But he indulges me, and even came with Jackie, Tabitha and I to a Haunted Trail (which, by the by, was pretty darn good) two weeks ago. It even had a ride in a hearse to out to the trail...how often do you get that? Of course Paul & I were in the back...where we were attacked by the madman with a chain saw, and I still suffer a majorly huge bruise on my thigh as a result, but hey! It was fun! It's all part of the joy Autumn brings!

And I have the wedding coming up. Yet another reason to love the fall. I'm excited. I want it here already. 17 days and counting.

I love this time of year.

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