02 November 2011

Sunflower Girl

This is Abby.  Beautiful, isn't she?
She is the daughter of some very dear friends of mine.  
Someone told her about something horrible called the Choking Game. Or Pass Out. Or some other stupid name because it is NOT a game.  Kids, apparently are doing this thinking they'll get a rush from it. They aren't.  They are killing brain cells, at best.  Too often they are dying.
All the details can be found HERE
People need to be informed about this!
Kids need to be warned against this!
Parents need to be aware of it!
I cannot plead, beg or petition you enough to read about it.  Learn about it.  
And most importantly, tell EVERYONE about it!
This beautiful girl passed away recently because of this horrific "game".  
In her memory, PLEASE help prevent another amazing child from dying.

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