04 January 2011

A New Year

I've been highly remiss about writing, but life has been busy & hectic & quite frankly, I just haven't felt like writing anything. I will attempt to get back to it. To try to make it a part of my week again. I need to...for me. For my own memories.

So. Thanksgiving & Christmas have come & gone. Both were delightful, actually. Kaitlyn came home for Thanksgiving, which was a whirlwind weekend spent sewing her a new Steampunk costume that I'd promised her LAST year. (It's very cool!) She left, and then I had Tabitha's bachelorette party, wedding (wonderful!), and Kaitlyn was back again! She & I went to Las Vegas where we celebrated her 17th birthday. 17!!! When did that happen? My baby is no baby! And we had a blast!!! I will attempt to write a "review" next, but let me just say Vegas offers way more than expected! We returned the night before Christmas Eve, and the holiday was wonderful! The kids are hilarious & made me smile! The week after Christmas was slightly hectic only in that I had to work a few days & Paul had to work 2 jobs EVERY day! So by the time New Year's Eve rolled around, it was quiet. Only Jazz & Matt came over, but that was good. I made a nice dinner; Kaitlyn made 2 amazing desserts & we played some Wii games thanks to Matt.

Today Sebastian started preschool at the APL School in Franklin! My little boys was so excited! I can't believe it.

So here we are. 2011. Wow!

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Kanga said...

Cameron wants to go to preschool SO badly! You are so fortunate that Sebastian is able to go. :) Yay!!!!

Your Holidays sound wonderful ... wish I coulda been there!

<3 you!