25 February 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday My Handsome!

My handsome son, Sebastian, turned 3 years old on Sunday!
He's hilarious & charming & makes me smile every single day. His gorgeous blue eyes make me melt.

And he's obsessed with Doctor Who. You know, the British tv show? Yeah, I have no doubt he'll be the next Doctor!
So, of course we HAD to give him a Doctor Who birthday party!

I had to be pretty creative since you can't find anything Doctor Who in the USA!
I think I did a pretty good job, though!

Tardis on the cake...Tardis doors on the french doors entering the living room & party...the illusion of the Tardis console for the food table...chocolate pretzel sonic screwdrivers..."sonic screwdriver" punch...posters & stickers...stars...and his favourite, his gifts!

He received his very own Sonic Screwdriver ("Mama, it really works!"), an Ood Sigma, a Clockwork Man, and a Dalek to go with his Doctor and Capt. Jack he'd gotten at Christmas!

He even has his own companion...his little sister, Darcy!
Happy Birthday Little Man!

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