10 September 2008

Just some of the reasons I don't like Sarah Palin

Ok, so I try to avoid being political too often, but I will admit to taking a great interest in this presidential race...and I feel very strongly that this country is in desperate need of being taken care of. Do I think that Obama is the best choice for president? No. But I can't help but think he's better than McCain. Say what he will, but McCain is a Bush supporter & I don't think he has a clue about what the "real" people in this country are all about. Nor do I think he has any sense of the need to clean up our foreign relations. So what if he was a POW. Hello, you were a career soldier in a war...being taken captive is something they warn you could happen. (And maybe it just means you weren't a very GOOD soldier?) And though I will admit that bring a woman onto his campaign was a pretty smart move in attempting to gain those people who were behind Hillary because she was a woman alone, I don't trust or respect the woman in any way. And anyone who can just jump on the bandwagon with her is not seeing the clear picture.

But I have some "silly" reasons I don't like her too...
1. Ok, so people are buying her "I'm a soccer mom" act. Yeah, right. As if a Vice-President of ANYTHING has time to drive her kids to soccer practice & games! Give me a break.

2. If she's such a model parent, did she know her 17 year old was sexually active before she got pregnant? Just thinking there hasn't been alot of communication going on there. And she has time to take care of her youngest with Down's? Somehow, I don't think so. I think he's only a few months old too. As a mom with 3 kids, two of which are little, I know first hand how time consuming & all encompassing it is. Be a good mom, take care of your own kids, I don't want you taking care of mine.

3. Have you heard what her kids names are? Willow, Piper, Bristol, Track & Trig. Sounds like a bad soap opera. (Oh wait, I guess it is!)

4. Maybe it was in the past, but she very much worked under the "follow me or you're fired" way of governing.

5.AND she was all about banning books. Great, more freedoms the Republicans can try to take away.

6.AND she & her husband were once part of a successionist group. Now, I admit I've often wanted to succeed from the nation myself, but I'm not about to run for vice-president of the country I wanted to create a treasonist act against!

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