12 January 2007

Counting down...

So I have about 6 weeks of pregnancy left. I can hardly believe time has gone by so fast, but here we are only weeks away from holding our new son in our arms. Amazing to think about...overwhelming at best. The nursery is all set up & waiting. Walls have been painted (a lovely warm yellow), crib is made & set (with a cute bedding set of safari animals), dresser is put together (and already has several outfits inside), changing table has some diapers & wipes in the drawer (though I still need a changing pad & cover), and the bookshelf has some toys and books gracing the shelves. Whew. Now we wait. My showers are set for the next couple of Sundays, and I'm terribly excited about that! I just hope everything goes smoothly & without worry. (Ha, yeah not worry!)
Otherwise nothing new to tell. Life is rather slow & dull right now...and for once I'm not complaining about that.


Susan said...

Those last few weeks (and days) are so interesting, aren't they? Sounds like you're ready. Hoping that all goes well as you face the final days of countdown to your little one.

:-) Susan

Kassi said...

you sound so content, and READY...for me, with each child it was somewhat of a mad dash to get everything done and ready. I'm so happy for you!