29 August 2003


I feel like a muppet...box me up and move me on. Yeah, I'm moving...again. Only down the road into Franklin, Wisconsin,which is literally something like a 2-3 mile move, but even that small distance is taking it's toll on me right now. Have I mentioned I detest moving? Have I lamented about how I hate everything I own at this point and wish I could just chuck it all out? Hateful hateful hateful.

I'm moving in with a friend, Michelle. She became a good friend when I met her at my birthday party back in April. (She's an old friend of Paul's.) So I'm having a roommate...in more than one way. This move means Kaitlyn and I have to SHARE a room. Kill me. SO much for an active healthy "ADULT" bedroom. *sigh* But, we do what we must to prepare for the future. That's what I keep trying to tell myself.

The future...I have new hopes for it...hopes I didn't think I'd ever have. But at this point and time, I keep it tucked away in my heart. I'm positive of it, believe entirely in it, and wait for the time it will arrive.

So...I'm going to try to update this thing more often. Good luck withthat.


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